Photo by @stephcafasso. @greenorblue @boxofben @andyjweber.

Photo by @stephcafasso. @greenorblue @boxofben @andyjweber.

Andrew Weber of Green or Blue | Modern Drummer Magazine


Check out my feature on Modern Drummers website. Can’t explain how much this means to me. 

It’s a brief introduction to how I started playing drums, how honored I feel to be part of Green or Blue and the experience of recording, "A Shot Below the Moon".

Congrats to our boy Andy!

Green or Blue has now been played in MIT to help teach freshmen about electromagnetism. Just thought you'd like to know. — Asked by smotionla

Tell me more.

How can I send you a picture? — Asked by Anonymous


Inside he’s screaming.

Inside he’s screaming.

You guys are awesome. Your music inspires me so much - no matter what I'm doing, it ends up being prettier/better if I'm listening to your music. So thank you for that :) — Asked by danishbookowl

Thank YOU for listening.

when is your birthday?? — Asked by stupid-squid

April 2nd!

Planning on getting any new tattoos? — Asked by Anonymous

For the time being I have no plans. Money is definitely a factor. Also I need to find a good neo-traditional artist on the east coast which is fucking impossible.

i just realized im one of only four steam friends you have ahah. i feel priveleged — Asked by rock-hard-fist-nipples

I JUST finished playing some FTL. 

Tell me THINGS.